The Carbon Farm Initiative

Regenerative textile systems represent a positive approach to material sourcing and a solution to reverse climate change. These systems actively rebuild soil health during the growing and processing of yarns used in textiles. The restored health of our soil supports the sequestration of carbon which mitigates the harmful effects of climate change. Your sourcing practices could help scale this proven solution!

We're pleased to introduce new farms to our NYS Regional Yarn Sourcebook that are developing and implementing Carbon Farm Plans. On site farm management practices such as composting protocols, and prescribed grazing help our farmlands maintain healthy soil that has the capacity to sequester carbon. Our Carbon farm Plan is administered by Gibson Durnford East of the Hudson Agricultural Program Coordinator /Watershed Agricultural Council @waterfarmforest. The fiber from the farms signed on to our CFP is verified Climate Beneficial through the Fibershed Affiliate Program. Textile Lab is excited to be connecting designers to regenerative yarns and fibers that have the potential to sequester carbon for the benefit of our climate.

If you're a farmer interested in being featured in our Sourcebook and learning more about the #carbonfarmplan initiative, or if you're a designer interested in using climate beneficial materials contact Laura Sansone: