Farm Membership Package

Farm Membership Package

from 150.00

The NYS Regional Yarn Sourcebook is both a reference book for design professionals to use when they source materials and a means to connect farmers, mills and designers together in a single resource. This book encourages a viable, interdependent supply chain that can help to increase revenue for both small businesses as well as small farms in New York State. There are currently 5 copies of the NYS Regional Yarn Sourcebook, which are accessible through:

The Healthy Materials Lab/ Donghia Design Library, NYC

Parsons MFA Textiles Program, NYC

The New School Library and Archives Collection, NYC

NY Textile Lab Showroom, Beacon, NY

1 copy that circulates on loan

The sourcebooks are updated annually and they hold the following information:

-Yarns and hand knit samples
-Micrometer and tensile strength data for the featured yarns
-Glossary of terms for yarn and textile processing
-End use suggestions based on micrometer average
-Farm description and contact information
-Inventory and pricing

Participating Farms receive the following:

1. A double-sided printed page in all books that shows:
-Knit swatches- up to 2 knit swatches per page
-Yarn reelings- up to 3 colors for each yarn swatch
-Photograph of the farm, or animals (300 dpi)
-Farm description (250 word max)
-Contact information- Farm name, email, website, address, phone number (optional)

2. A digital version of the sourcebook page -accessible to our designer members through our website:
- Each knit sample and yarn reeling is scanned and uploaded to a digital layout, which is accessible through

3. Representation on our Inventory and Pricing Page-
-Farm Stats
-Farm products

Membership Fees:

Price for page formatting, printing, scanning: $150
Additional knitting services: $90.00
Fiber Testing: $9.50 + 2.50 Shipping = $12.00

Textile Lab accepts checks and credit card payment. Order by phone at (917) 273-7121
or online at

Additional Knitting Services:
Fiber Testing:
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